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The year 2006 birthed a contract manufacturing company and was called Surefil. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Surefil formulated, produced, filled, and packaged liquid & gel products. For many discount & grocery chain stores that supplied national and private label brand personal and home care products, Surefil was and still is the all knowing “behind the curtain”.

Surefil hit the ground running an decided to build additional space to accommodate the growing business in 2007. With this new space, Surefil was able to produce more than 240 million units annually in containers ranging from 2 to 64 ounces.

After the dust settled, Surefil operation’s and it’s assets were acquired by current owners Abaco Partners, LLC. The purchase of Lander® Brand health & beauty line had also taken place in 2010.

Maintaining a strong business, Surefil expanded to filling products from .5 ounces to 5 liters. Surefil is now running five high-speed lines and has the capability to add additional shifts for all your liquid filling needs!


Liquid fill products in the Personal Care, Home Care, OTC, and Beverage industries fall under our production core competencies. Currently filling products that range from .5 oz. to 5 liters. Capable of running 3 shifts, leaving us well positioned to expand our manufacturing capacity and ability to increase with added filling lines.

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Lab ideas

Surefil’s fully functional lab service will help in formulation, complete procurement of raw materials, and components to ensure quality of ingredients. Surefil’s compounding area exceeds industry compliance standards. Improvements in facility and overall process continues to be made.


The high speed production lines will get your job done right, on time, and efficiently. 100x faster than the erector set you built as a kid (not that it wasn’t cool). Capable of running 3 shifts, which positions manufacturing capacity to increase with added filling lines. Surefil also provides in-house shipping and receiving department for all your distribution and scheduling needs.


Let our team help yours! Our project management team will help you every step of the way. Whether this is your first baby or one of many, every project is a priority. Project management from start to finish includes but is not limited to package design and engineering. All Surefil employees have received appropriate and documented training in CGMP and FDA regulations.


World Headquarters:
4560 Danvers Drive, Grand Rapids, MI, USA 49512

Phone: 616.532.1700
Fax: 616.532.3463
Email: customerservice@surefil.com

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Surefil World Headquarters: 4560 Danvers Drive, Grand Rapids, MI, USA 49512