Surefil Corporate OfficeOver 250 million units annuallyHigh Speed Fill Lines

Surefil Corporate Office

Since 2006

Over 250 million units annually

Capability to add additional volume

High Speed Fill Lines

Container sizes ranging from 2 to 64 ounces

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Liquid filling of products in Personal Care, Home Care, OTC, and Beverage industries all fall under our production core competencies. Currently filling products that range from .5 oz. to 5 liters. Capable of running 3 shifts, leaving Surefil well positioned to expand the manufacturing capacity. High-speed production lines will get your job done right, on […]


Laboratory Services Surefil’s fully functional lab services will coordinate formulation, procurement of raw materials, and 3rd party testing. Surefil’s compounding area exceeds industry compliance standards. Improvements in facility and overall process continues to be made. All Surefil employees have received appropriate and documented training in CGMP and FDA regulations.  


Project Management Support Let our team help yours! Our project management team is available to assist in every step. Whether this is your first or one of many, every project is a priority. Project management from start to finish includes but is not limited to package design, engineering, and procurement. All Surefil employees have received […]